3rd Timber 1052
    Leader bellowed: clods are hardened from labor and war. Clods will kneel to become Matul Remrit. Clods will remain in the burrow. I am prepared to mentor new dregs. I practiced speeches to become enthusiastic for traditions.

5th Timber 1052
    Skirn was promoted to militia commander. I smithed iron helmet for tribute. Trumpet was promoted to war mule of militia commander. I bestowed head rubs for tribute.

6th Timber 1052

    Arkus and Dowl smelted the gold ore from the deep caverns. I retrieved gold bars from the burrow. I submitted petitions to further explore the deep caverns for more gold ore.

8th Timber 1052
    Leader bellowed: smith a gold statue to enthrall Dreadlion traders. I have ideas to enthrall. A gold statue of Dreadlion traders surrounded by cats. A gold statue of Dreadlion traders celebrating a fine gold statue.

9th Timber 1052
    In the burrow I mentored Perat in traditions: a dreg does not coward. A dreg is adamant against threats. It does not matter if threats are unsettling sneezes or elf steeds that have terrifying whinnies. A dreg braves.
10th Timber 1052
    Before I have not smithed gold statues. Before I have smithed weapons. Logna informed: the creation method is to suffer terror dreams until statue forms. I will not attempt Logna method.
11th Timber 1052
    I retrieved Squib from the tower. I saw Deon clean stacked blood on the tower. It is diligent for a dreg to do shameful labor.

12th Timber 1052
    I buried Squib in tomb. Her corpse wears bronze armor for tribute. The arm of Matul Remrit is severed. Matul Remrit endures.

14th Timber 1052
    In the militia room I mentored Deon in traditions: a dreg does not compete. A dreg sides by brothers. It does not matter if brothers achieve more kills than Deon or if brothers happen to be a cunning mule animal. A dreg abides.
18th Timber 1052
    Hyte is stricken by sorrow for Squib. I offered to smith iron boots for comfort.
20th Timber 1052
    In the medical room I mentored Guin in traditions: a dreg does not complain. A dreg welcomes wounds. It does not matter if bones of Guin shattered against Bravemule or blood of Guin formed stacks that drowned vermin. A dreg endures.
24th Timber 1052
    Dwarven traders from Dreadlion approach on horizon. Leader bellowed: former clods will not mention alleged oppressions to Dreadlion traders. Former clods are content about life in Bravemule.

25th Timber 1052
    I do not understand statues. I smith weapons from iron to depict weapons of iron. I smith statues from gold to depict dwarves of bone and meat. It would be correct to smith statues of dwarves from bone and meat.
26th Timber 1052
    I moved commodities to the trade post for leader to negotiate. The depiction of diligence will enthrall.

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