1st Opal 1051
    I had a spar with Hog. I bashed her with the shield for triumph. She complained it was unscrupulous because the shield is to block. I will not do it more. I hope she is not malcontent.

3rd Opal 1051
    The workers build up. I bellow up the tower to terrify the workers. It sounds like many dwarves and reminds about leader. Skirn appreciates the echo trick.

7th Opal 1051
    Clure constructed serrated discs. The edge could sever limbs because it is sharp. I hope it does not cause harm.

9th Opal 1051
    Hog is malcontent more. I blocked her into the wall for triumph until she fainted. She complained the shield is to defend with. I promise I will learn the shield.

13th Opal 1051

    The miners tunnel down. If miners tunnel down into workers that build up when does down meet up? Where does tunnel end? Where does tower begin? Where is ale stored? I do not know.

14th Opal 1051
    I do not understand the shield.

16th Opal 1051

    Yarm declared it is clear I have combat skill. I was comforted by this message.

19th Opal 1051
    The militia waits. There are elf birds that come. I sharpened the shield. I will charge first for triumph.

20th Opal 1051
    I have thirst. A dreg informed me there is no water. I will snooze soon.

21st Opal 1051
    Hog does not speak to me. Her head meat stacks blood on me. I hope she is not malcontent.

22nd Opal 1051
    The doctor informed me I am broken. Ale would fall out the wound and the water is frozen. She tried to stack the blood back in Hog. It came out more.

24th Opal 1051
    The commander came to the medical room. The elf birds were slain for triumph after I fainted with Hog. I was promoted to captain with Skirn. I told it to Hog if she did not hear.

25th Opal 1051
    I do not like how Trumpet stares. I do not have rock nuts for Trumpet.

26th Opal 1051
    Hog still does not speak to me. I threw a rock at her. I have thirst. I hope I awake and winter has left.

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