My name's Kevin Snow. I direct small collaborations to make indie games, where I design, code, and write. I also contribute writing and expertise to other projects. As of 2018, I'm seeking freelance positions for writing and narrative design. Feel free to send me an email if you feel I'm a good fit for your studio or project.


Southern Monsters (Bravemule, in development)
Designer, developer, writer — 2016-2018
In South Arkansas, a disabled teen searches for a monster lurking in the swamp outside his house.

Battlecakes (Volcano Bean, in development)
Writer — 2017-2018
An adventurous batch of cupcakes go on a quest to save their home in this snack-sized RPG.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Dim Bulb Games)
Writer — 2017
A bleak American folk tale about traveling, sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny.

Mama Possum (Bravemule & Cassandra Khaw)
Designer, developer, writer — 2017
Two sisters fend off a Kaiju apocalypse in the Great Smoky Mountains with their mech Mama Possum.

Beneath Floes (Bravemule & Pinnguaq)
Designer, developer, writer — 2015
Fish woman, stealer of wayward children: the qalupalik dwells beneath the ice.

The Domovoi (Bravemule)
Designer, developer, writer — 2014
A folklorist tells her story of a lonely house spirit.


Matul Remrit (Bravemule)
Designer, video editor, writer — 2010-2013
Fanfiction that creatively interprets a playthrough of Dwarf Fortress (Bay 12 games) with prose, art, and music.


'Frostpunk' Treats People with Disabilities as Complex Humans, Not Gimmicks
Waypoint, May 2018 —An exploration of what Frostpunk's systems communicate about disability.


Guest Lecture: Writing and Research — January 2018
Arkansas Arts Academy — Rogers, Arkansas
Taught a middle-school class about the writing and research process for video games.

Presentation: Games & Narrative Design — October 2017
Tesseract Center for Game Design — Fayetteville, Arkansas
Gave a presentation to students and the local public about narrative design in games.

Presentation: Video Game Design (Ages 8 & Up) — October 2017
Community Creative Center — Fayetteville, Arkansas
Taught a class on how to get started with making video games.

Presentation: Write Your Own Adventure — October 2017
XPO Tulsa — Tulsa, Oklahoma
Spoke with the attendees of XPO Tulsa 2017 about planning and creating narrative games.

Guest Lecture: Indie Game Development — September 2017
University of Southern California — Los Angeles, California
Spoke with a classroom of students at USC about indie game development.

Presentation: Kickstarter Experiences — March 2017
Tesseract Center for Game Design — Fayetteville, Arkansas
Spoke with interns and students of the Tesseract Center about crowdfunding games.


I Need Diverse Games — March 2018
Selected as a recipient of the GDC 2018 Scholarship from INDG.

Amplifying New Voices — February 2017
Chosen to participate in the ANV program at GDC 2017, where I received mentorship and professional training.