An update on the ol' Bravemule

Hey folks! Most of our updates about the development of Southern Monsters happen over at the Kickstarter. You can read those posts even if you weren't able to back the campaign at the time.

We've had a tremendous year: the Diversity in Games Alliance sponsored our trip to GDC back in February, we'll be showcasing Southern Monsters at XPO Tulsa in October (come say hello!), I'm a contributing writer for Where the Water Tastes like Wine, and I'm collaborating with Cassandra Khaw on a new Twine work that'll be released this month. More news soon.

Thanks for sticking with us.

New website!

Hey, we redesigned the website! Good news: it works on mobile now, like any website not from 2011. Bad news: everything else is a pain in the ass, especially if you're an oddball who wants to read Matul Remrit in 2017. I promise to make it less bad in the next few weeks.

Best news: the Southern Monsters Kickstarter is soon. Watch out for that.